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A century of medical advances in a decade


Key points from article :

We’re going to see more medical advances in the next decade than happened in the past century.

We already have 3D-printed prosthetics, bionics and applications to keep track of our vitals and gauge our emotional and psychological states.

AI systems understanding how genes affect our health; and how the environment, food we eat, and medicines we take affect the interplay between our genes and our organisms.

By 2022, genome sequencing may be cheaper than a blood test.

Within a few years, our genome, microbiome, behavior and environment will all be mapped and measured.

CRISPR has the potential to eliminate some debilitating diseases and to create a species of superhumans.

Tech industry builds its value by democratizing technology, reducing its cost and enabling it to reach billions.

The studies were published in the Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and Cell Host & Microbe journals.

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