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23andMe acquired virtual healthcare firm Lemonaid Health for $400M


Key points from article :

DNA testing company 23andMe to acquire Lemonaid Health in a $400 million deal.

Lemonaid operates a remotely accessible medical care and pharmacy services across the US.

It’s service covers UTIs, birth control, acne, hair loss, hypothyroidism, erectile dysfunction, STDs, and insomnia, amongst others.

Best known for its saliva-based health and ancestry DNA testing targeted at consumers.

Also uses its genetic database to look for new targets for drug development.

“...transforming traditional primary care experience and making personalised healthcare a reality,” - Anne Wojcicki, CEO at 23andMe.

“By starting with genetics, patients and healthcare providers receive better information about health risks and treatments,” - Wojcicki.

23andMe’s move into telehealth comes at a fertile time for the sector.

Vaccination allows normal healthcare services to resume, but studies suggest demand for digital and virtual access remains high.

Merger to improve remote health services and offer personalised treatment plans

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