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$100M fund - Life Extension Ventures might back startups working on longevity


Key points from article :

Longevity-focused startups have been proliferating in recent years as we become more focused on our health.

Longevity startups can range from biotech-oriented disease prevention to organ regeneration.

Aging Analytics Agency estimates that global investments in longevity-focused startups hit more than $40 billion in 2021.

Market could grow to $600 billion by 2025, according to Bank of America.

Investors like Apollo Health are raising large sums — such as their $180 million fund in November.

Maximon, Swiss longevity company builder, raised a €96 million fund.

New York-based Life Extension Ventures is a new $100 million fund saying it will focus on “longevity for people and planet”. 

Team has multiple science PhDs, successful startups and angel investing under their belts.

 Dr. Inaki Berenguer and Dr. Amol Sarva, the co-founders of Life Extension.

Berenguer said: “We are going to focus on the software and data-driven companies in this category. []"

Sarva added: "[] And so we decided, let’s go find where science and software intersect. That’s going to have a huge impact.”

Headquartered in New York, the fund will also have team members in Madrid, London and San Francisco.

Founders are excited to find the impact when software intersects science

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Amol Sarva

Founder of Knotel, Halo Neuroscience, Knote, Peek, and Virgin Mobile USA

Apollo Ventures

Venture capital firm investing in seed and early stage biotechnology companies

Inaki Berenguer

Co-founder of Life Extension, Entrepreneur

Life Extension Ventures

Venture Capitalist for longevity startups


Longevity company builder based in Switzerland