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Join the growing number of people who are committed to living forever. Now that healthcare has merged with IT the exponential growth in medical technology means immortality may be closer than you think. From drug research and diagnostics to exoskeletons and nanobots – rapid advances are increasing our life expectancy every day.

Radical life extension is a growing industry – and more and more people are putting (a lot!) of money where their mouths are:

  • 5 billionaires who want to live forever – Fortune Magazine
  • Understanding Calico: Larry Page, Google Ventures, and the quest for immortality – The Verge
  • Oracle founder Larry Ellison has proclaimed his wish to live forever and donated more than $430 million to anti-aging research. – Washington Post

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Latest News

Scientists Discover a Key to a Longer Life in Male DNA – NY times – 16-Jun-2017
Growth hormone receptors is linked to an increase in life span of about 10 years among men.
This common genetic mutation did not seem to have any effect on women.
Mutation was present in 12 percent of the men over age 100 – 3 times higher than in 70-year-olds.
Present in roughly the same fraction for both age groups in women.

Rythm’s sleep-tracking wearable makes official debut – Mobi Health News – 15-June-2017
$499 Dreem headband uses dry polymer electrodes to track a user’s brain activity during sleep. Designed to feel like loungewear. Actively works to help users improve sleep by emitting a series of subtle, precise sounds directly to the inner ear. Scheduled to start shipping to customers this autumn.

Nanobots Paralyze People for Convenience in This Dystopian Short Film – Nerdist – 14-June-2017
A fun 15 minutes which raises some interesting questions about the future capabilities of nanobots.

Living Forever – Proto – 13-June-2017
Review of current thinking from the Massachusetts General Hospital – the largest teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School.
Experiments with model organisms have delayed age-related diseases by replenishing stem cells, protecting telomeres and cleaning out senescent cells.
Targeting Aging with Metformin (TAME) trial will study observed reduction in mortality using diabetes drug.
Rapamycin was shown to extend the lives of mice by roughly 10%.
Foods you find at the supermarket could tweak their products’ composition in ways that promote longevity.
Human life span also depends on lifestyle, relationships, environment, psychology and exercise.

David Wood – We Should Prepare for the Future Now – LEAF – 13-June-2017
Interview with David Wood – Chair of the London Futurists. David talks about the bottlenecks to progress in rejuvenation biotechnology. Also some of the potential issues we might face in developing therapies that address age-related diseases.

Defibrillator drones to boost cardiac arrest survival – Telegraph– 13-June-2017
Fully automated eight-rota machines can fly at up to 50mph and deliver heart-starting kit. Should enable more NHS emergency units to meet the eight-minute response target. Every minute after a cardiac arrest decreases chances of survival by 10 %. Trial in Sweden reduced response time by 16 minutes. The machines were airborne within three seconds of being allocated.

Breakthrough for the generation of fully functional skin tissue – Next Big Future – 09-June-2017
SkinTE regenerated full-thickness, organized skin and hair follicles in third degree burn wounds. Utilizes the subject’s own skin, and is prepared and used to treat the wound in less than 24 hours. Global market for tissue engineering expected to grow to $56.9 bn by 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Ethics of Life Extension – IEET– 08-June-2017
Can be classified into three groups
1. Is it theoretically and technologically possible?
2. Desirability for the individual and the society.
3. What practical implications for public policy?

Universal cancer test being developed – Independent – 06-June-2017
Possible to detect tumours 10 years before they become dangerous.
Tests for circulating tumour DNA.
Technology has been successfully trialled with 120 patients with breast, lung or prostate cancers.
Screening could reduce cancer deaths to a tenth of the current number.

BioTime’s CEO: Human Aging Will Soon Become a Thing of the Past – Mauldin Economics – 06-June-2017
Cells become dysfunctional or die with aging.
Now able to manufacturer any of the cellular building blocks of the human body.
On an industrial scale of millions of people.
Manufactured cells are young cells.
Clear that we’re going to be able to reverse age related changes in the body.

Even moderate drinking may speed brain decline – Statnews – 06-June-2017
Study published in the BMJ finds 8 to 12 drinks a week is associated with cognitive decline.
Brain scans show degeneration and shrinking of the hippocampus, a region of the brain involved in memory and navigation.
Consuming one more alcoholic drink per week was associated with a 0.01 percent reduction.
For comparison, aging one year was associated with a 0.02 percent decrease.

What Sitting Down All Day Does To Your Body: How It Affects The Spine, Organs And Circulation – Huffington Post – 2-Jun-17
On average we spend almost nine hours a day sat down, but our bodies are designed to move.
Slouched posture creates wear and tear in your discs and joints and overworks your spinal ligaments.
Long periods sat down can lead to muscle atrophy in the leg and gluteal area.
Sitting down burns 21% fewer calories per minute than standing up.
Decline in insulin response within just one day of prolonged sitting.

Young blood reduces ageing biomarkers in humans – New Scientist – 31-May-17
Update on Ambrosia trial that gives blood plasma from under 25s to older people.
Recipients have shown improvements in biomarkers related to cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease.
Blood tests conducted before and a month after plasma treatment:
– levels of carcinoembryonic antigens fell by around 20 per cent
– 10 per cent fall in blood cholesterol levels
– 20 per cent fall in the level of amyloids
Improvements seen in one participant with early onset Alzheimer’s.
Paid trial and therefore no placebo group.

Altered bacteria could turn faeces blue if you’re ill – New Scientist – 05-May-2017
E. coli bacteria given genes that are sensitive to tetrathionate – an indicator of ulcerative colitis.
In presence of tetrathionate, bacteria switch on a gene to make an enzyme which is passed in faeces.
Enzyme can then be identified in lab tests, in which it changes colour.
Different colours could allow people to check their own faeces for multiple diseases.

Tattoos can cause cancer – Independent – 26-Jul-2016
Due to composition of inks used for tattooing.
Red ink has been linked to dermatitis due to it containing mercury sulphide.
Black or ‘neutral’ henna may be so toxic that it is illegal to use it on the skin.
Inks are not currently regulated in the EU.


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