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Join the growing number of people who are committed to living forever. Now that healthcare has merged with IT the exponential growth in medical technology means immortality may be closer than you think. From drug research and diagnostics to exoskeletons and nanobots – rapid advances are increasing our life expectancy every day.

Radical life extension is a growing industry – and more and more people are putting (a lot!) of money where their mouths are:

  • 5 billionaires who want to live forever – Fortune Magazine
  • Understanding Calico: Larry Page, Google Ventures, and the quest for immortality – The Verge
  • Oracle founder Larry Ellison has proclaimed his wish to live forever and donated more than $430 million to anti-aging research. – Washington Post

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Latest News

Fasting diets may raise risk of diabetes – The Guardian – 20-May-2018
Fasting every other day could have damaging side effects.
May impair the action of insulin, increasing the risk of diabetes.
Short-term fasting can also produce molecules called free radicals.
Evidence for success of intermittent fasting is also contradictory.
Study carried out in rats over 3 months.

Dementia exercise programmes ‘don’t slow brain decline’ – BBC News – 17-May-2018
Alcor has received a $5,000,000 contribution to fund cryonics research.
It is a significant fraction of the existing Alcor assets.
Alcor Life Extension Foundation is one of the two oldest US cryonics providers.
Brad Armstrong became a member in 2016 and has made money on cryptocurrencies.
Hal Finney Cryonics Research Fund will support reversible low-temperature storage.

Alcor Receives $5 Million Donation – Fight Aging – 17-May-2018
Alcor has received a $5,000,000 contribution to fund cryonics research.
It is a significant fraction of the existing Alcor assets.
Alcor Life Extension Foundation is one of the two oldest US cryonics providers.
Brad Armstrong became a member in 2016 and has made money on cryptocurrencies.
Hal Finney Cryonics Research Fund will support reversible low-temperature storage.

Deaths from drug resistance fungal infections rising – Independent – 17-May-2018
Common fungal infections are becoming incurable.
Global mortality exceeds that for malaria or breast cancer.
Immunosuppressed patients (e.g. AIDS, organ transplants) most at risk.
5 types of potentially disease-causing spores in every breath.
Currently only four classes of fungicide that can be used in humans.
11 new drugs in early clinical trials.

Robots grow mini-organs from human stem cells – Science Daily – 17-May-2018
Traditional way to grow cells is a 2D culture.
Three-dimensional organoids behave similarly to real organs.
Robotic system automates growing organoids from pluripotent stem cells.
Could greatly expand the use of mini-organs in drug discovery.
Can produce thousands of kidney organoids over 21 days.
For repetitive tasks like this robots do a better job than humans.

US birth rates drop to lowest since 1987 – BBC News -17-May-2018
Cultural shift as women delay motherhood.
Births among women in their teens and 20s decreased.
Rate rose in women aged between 40 and 44.
Fertility rate has dropped to 1.76 births per woman.
Declining birth rates are common as countries develop.

Heavy physical work linked to earlier death in men – NHS – 15-May-2018
Physical activity assessed by questionnaire or wearing a device.
Categorised jobs into sedentary, low, moderate and high activity.
High activity workers 18% more likely to die during study then low level.
No significant difference in women.
Non-significant difference in high versus sedentary work in men.
Meta-study of more than 190,000 participants.
Followed for around 20 years – 19% of them died during this period.

DIT Gene Editing – Someone Is Going to Get Hurt – NY Times – 14-May-2018
With cheaper equipment citizen-scientists are attempting to re-engineer DNA.
The do-it-yourself genetics revolution one day may go catastrophically wrong.
Worry that someone will use the technology to create a bioweapon.
Researchers has recreated from scratch an extinct relative of smallpox.
A site called Science Exchange serves as a Craigslist for DNA.
Laws that cover biotechnology have not been significantly updated in decades.

The singularity is not near – Salon – 13-May-2018
Excerpt from “Live Work Work Work Die” by Corey Pein.
If technology is the state religion, singularitarianism is the fanatical sect.
Kurzweil has delivered an absurdly optimisit form of business friendly millenarianism.
COMMENT: its always good to review arguments against what you believe

Here’s What the Next Pandemic Pathogen Might Look Like – Live Science – 12-May-2018
Pathogens like Ebola and Zika are unlikely to cause a global pandemic disaster.
Diseases able to change civilization likely to spread through airborne route.
Researchers started without any preconceived notions of the most likely culprit.
Likely to be contagious during the “incubation period,” before symptoms show.
It would have a “low but significant” fatality rate.
1918 Spanish flu had a fatality rate of just 2.5 percent, but killed 50 million.

Lighter, cheaper robotic hand grabs more like the real deal – CNET – 10-May-2018
Cost and weight are critical factors for the wider adoption of bionic hands.
Hannes uses only one motor to control all five fingers which makes it lighter.
Estimated price around 30 percent less than currently available devices.
Patient testing prosthetic able to use it to drive and operate carpentry tools.

Pop up vaccine factories could curb pandemics – The Ecologist – 10-May-2018
Big pharma is unwilling to invest in pandemic prevention.
New model could identify and test vaccines at a quicker rate.
Potentially distribute them within weeks.
Model funded by Future Vaccine Manufacturing Hub.
Looking at novel kinds of processing equipment and supply chain strategies.

Potential new cure found for baldness – BBC News – 9-May-2018
Osteoporosis drug had a dramatic effect on hair follicles in the lab.
Targets a protein that acts as a brake on hair growth.
Clinical trial needed to see if it is effective and safe in people.
Only two drugs are currently available to treat balding.

FDA Clamps Down on Unapproved Stem Cell Therapies – NY Times – 09-May-2018
FDA seeking court orders to stop two stem cell clinics.
Clinics extract stem cells from fat removed from patients’ bellies.
Then injected back it into other parts the body to repair damage.
Three patients lost their sight after treatment in 2015.
Consumers should check up on clinics before receiving treatment.

Stealthy Harvard startup wants to reverse aging – Technology Review – 9-May-2018
Rejuvenate Bio is cofounded by George Church of Harvard Medical School.
Will make animals “younger” by adding new DNA instructions to their bodies.
The company has carried out preliminary tests on beagles.
After dogs they plan to move on to humans.
Objective is the body and mind of a 22-year-old as a 130-year-old.
Rejuvenate hasn’t publicly disclosed what its dog therapy involves.

Handheld skin printer could help heal burn victims – Engadget – 7-May-2018
Handheld device deposits skin directly onto patients’ wounds.
Rolls out protein-based biomaterials like collagen and fibrin.
Weighing just two pounds it’s feasible to use during surgery.
Can be used instead of a regular skin graft.
Plant to increase printer width before human testing.
Developed by University of Toronto researchers.

AstraZeneca Partners For Stem Cell Cardiovascular Therapy – Geneng News – 7-May-2018
AstraZeneca will develop cardiovascular and catheter-based therapies.
Using Procella Therapeutics’ stem cell technology.
Therapies to repair damage caused by a heart attack.
Genetic markers identify engraftable human cardiac ventricular progenitor cells.

Can autophagy boost your health? – BBC News – 6-May-2018
Autophagy is the process by which cells degrade and recycle their components.
Helps infection control and protects against excessive inflammation.
Stimulating the process in mice result in them living longer.
Could remove clumped proteins to protect against neurodegenerative diseases.

Freezing stem cells in hope of extending life – CNBC – 5-May-2018
Forever Labs extracts and stores young adults’ stem cells.
Plan to use later to combat age-related illnesses.
Price is $7,000 including the procedure and lifetime storage.
Small drills and large needles used to extract blood and bone marrow.
Still uncertain how frozen stem cells could be used in the future.
Regulators may not approve any potential therapies.

Why Does Hair Turn Gray? Scientists May Know – Newsweek – 4-May-2018
Melanocytes make melanin which gives our hair its colour.
Special stem cells then add melanocytes to new follicles.
MITF protein helps melanocytes to function.
MITF also represses the expression of innate immune genes.
Suggest a connection between viral infection and hair graying.

Mediterranean Diet Could Delay Alzheimer’s by 3 Years – Newsweek – 3-May-2018
Researchers measured biomarkers for Alzheimer’s in 70 volunteers aged 30 to 60.
Participants split into two high and adherence groups.
Biomarkers checked again 3 years later at end of study.
Lower adherence to the Mediterranean diet displayed more biological risk factors.
Risk factors included more beta-amyloid and worse metabolization of glucose.
Adherence to a Mediterranean diet was associated with 1.5 to 3.5 years of protection.

Face masks may be ineffective against air pollution – Reuters – 3-May-2018
Face masks vary widely in their real-world performance.
Filter tiny particles as advertised but suffer from leakage.
Face size and shape plus movement can lead to 68 percent leakage.
Masks sold for workplace use generally must meet rigorous standards.
Masks don’t reduce the concentration of pollution gases.

Are you fat on the inside? – BBC News – 3-May-2018
Average size 12 29 year-old has a body scan.
DEXA scan analyses her fat and muscle percentage.
Just overweight on BMI, but double the visceral fat.
Hidden fats can be reduced quickly.

Cibinetide Shows Promising Signs in Anti-Aging – PR Newswire – 2-May-2018
Cibinetide works via activating the body’s innate repair receptor (IRR)
Capable of decreasing age-related decline in heart function.
Frailty score was also significantly lower in cibinetide-treated animals.
Greater healthspan observed near the end of life.
Cibinetide is currently in development by Araim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Biohacker Aaron Traywick found dead in flotation tank – Vice News – 1-May-2018
Aaron Traywick died last Sunday at the age of 28.
He was found dead in a flotation therapy tank.
Was the CEO of the biohacking company Ascendance Biomedical.
He had sought nothing short of a revolution in biomedicine.

EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker Review – Med Gadget – 1-May-2018
EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker measures refractive error.
FDA-approved miniscope device is attached to a smartphone.
iOS or Android app guides user through the vision test.
Test takes about 15 minutes for both eyes.
Uses cloud-based analytics to calculate refractive error.
Refractive error is just one indicator of your eye health.

Lightning switches off woman’s brain implant – New Scientist – 1-May-2018
Lightning struck Slovenian woman’s apartment affecting stimulation device.
Device had automatically shut down and needed to be reset.
Brain stimulator stops her from having neck muscle spasms and tremors.
Lightning strike also destroyed her TV and air conditioner.
Implants should not be recharged while charger plugged into the mains.


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