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Join the growing number of people who are committed to living forever. Now that healthcare has merged with IT the exponential growth in medical technology means immortality may be closer than you think. From drug research and diagnostics to exoskeletons and nanobots – rapid advances are increasing our life expectancy every day.

Radical life extension is a growing industry – and more and more people are putting (a lot!) of money where their mouths are:

  • 5 billionaires who want to live forever – Fortune Magazine
  • Understanding Calico: Larry Page, Google Ventures, and the quest for immortality – The Verge
  • Oracle founder Larry Ellison has proclaimed his wish to live forever and donated more than $430 million to anti-aging research. – Washington Post

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Latest News

Big data analytics to control Hospital Acquired Infections – ETCIO – 24-Oct-2016
Asia’s largest healthcare group Apollo Hospitals says HAI or nosocomial infection is one of the biggest challenges faced by hospitals.
Most of the patients who come to the hospital for treatment, have a weak immune system.
Analytics platform used for analysis and communication of disease and infection surveillance information to both clinical and non-clinical teams.
Decision engine shown to the doctors in the initial stages to ensure that the algorithm and the processes were constantly fine-tuned.
Information, such as probability of an infection affecting a patient, is presented and doctors’ clinical judgement is greatly improved.

Elysium Basis May Not Be What You Think It Is – Thrivous – 21-oct-2016
Has two active ingredients, Nicotinamide Riboside and Pterostilbene, aimed at cellular detoxification, DNA repair, and energy production.
Elysium is not the only company that sells NR to consumers.
Has formidable science advisory board and 30 peer-reviewed clinical studies.
None are studies of Nicotinamide Riboside or Pterostilbene supplementation on humans.
$50 per month for Elysium Basis probably is not the best investment of your supplement budget.

Herr Watson will see you now – BBC – 18-Oct-2016
IBM’s AI system will attempt to solve some complex medical cases in Germany.
Watson will be based at the Undiagnosed and Rare Diseases Centre at the University Hospital in Marburg.
Patients may have very long medical histories and have seen up to 40 different physicians.
Watson will analyse the patients’ medical files to offer a series of ranked diagnoses.

10-minute walk after a meal good for diabetes – NHS – 18-Oct-2016
Study compared 10-minute walk after a main meal to a single 30-minute walk each day.
Walking after a meal resulted in 12% lower blood glucose levels.
Low volume study: 41 adults (average age 60) who had diabetes for an average of 10 years.
Post-meal physical activity may avoid the need for an increased total insulin dose.

New multi-million euro exoskeleton project – RTE – 17-Oct-2016
XoSoft project aimed at making a soft exoskeleton to help people with reduced mobility to move.
University of Limerick working with nine organisations on the €5.4m European Union funded project.
Researching how to build joints that can sense and vary their stiffness.
XoSoft will encourage the activation of legs, which is essential to prevent further atrophy.

Paralysed man feels through robotic fingers (VIDEO) – Independent – 13-Oct-2016
Robotic arm connected directly to brain of paralysed 28-year-old man.
Microelectrodes about half the size of a shirt button were surgically implanted in his brain.
He said it felt like “my fingers” were being touched or pushed.
Before the operation, imaging identified exact places that corresponded to sensations in his hand.
The ultimate goal is to create a system which moves and feels just like a natural arm would.

Woman diagnosed with HIV after 30 years – BBC News – 12-Oct-2016
In 2013, the British HIV Association recommended that patients be offered an HIV test on registration with their GP in high-prevalence areas.
70% of local authorities in high prevalence areas in England do not fund all GP surgeries to test patients.
Dr Chloe Orkin: “Deaths due to late diagnosis are completely preventable through excellent treatments.”
One woman diagnosed with HIV after 30 years and two husbands.
COMMENT: One day we’ll have annual blood screening for a wide variety of conditions

First human clinical trial for nicotinamide riboside – Kurzweil AI – 11-Oct-2016
Nicotinamide riboside (NR) is a form of Vitamin B3.
University of Iowa researchers have shown that the compound is safe for humans.
It increases levels of NAD+ that is critical for cellular energy production and protection against stress and DNA damage.
Levels of NAD+ diminish with age.
Previous mice studies have also shown it increases lifespan.

Young ovaries rejuvenate older mice and extend their lifespan – New Scientist – 11-Oct-2016
Swapping an older mouse’s ovaries for young ones reversed the effects of ageing on the immune system and metabolism.
Naive T-cells increased 67 % compared to 80 % fall in untreated mice.
Transplanted mice live about 40 per cent longer and have healthier looking hearts.
Unclear what causes the improvement.
Mice experiment equivalent of transplanting 20-something ovaries into human female in her 50s.

Daily routine of startup founder planning to live to 180 – Insider Australia – 10-Oct-2016
Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof Coffee, has spent over $300,000 on research using data to optimise his mind and body.
Regular routing includes:
Lying underneath an ultraviolet light for 10 minutes.
Standing on a biovibration platform.
Cryotherapy chamber with -260 degree nitrogen-iced air for two minutes.
Works out intensely only once a week.
Cools house down to 20 degrees Celcius just before bedtime.

Taste for high-fat food in our genes – BBC News – 5-Oct-2016
Some people are genetically wired to prefer the taste of fatty foods
One in 1,000 people carry a defective version of MC4R gene which controls hunger.
Having a defect in the MC4R gene means hunger can become insatiable.
Our brains can detect the nutrient content of foods

Daily coffee could help prevent dementia – Independent – 4-Oct-2016
People who consumed three cups of coffee or six cups of black tea a day had a 36 per cent lower chance of getting dementia.
Study looked at caffeine consumption of 6,500 women aged between 65 and 80.
Further research will help understand the underlying mechanisms of cognitive impairment.

Hacking Our Senses Will Transform How We Experience the World – Singularity Hub – 4-Oct-2016
Advances in neuroscience and technology may soon give us more than 5 senses.
Bach-y-Rita: “We don’t see with our eyes. We see with our brains”
vOICe smart glasses convert video into pitch and volume of sound.
Versatile Extra-Sensory Transducer (VEST) converts noises into vibrations.
Colour blind artist and “cyborg” Neil Harbisson has an antenna in his skull which allows him to perceive infrared and ultraviolet.
Grindhouse Wetwares have experimented with magnets implanted in the finger and range-finding sensors.

Our Complicated Relationship to Longevity – LARB – 4-Oct-2016
Book review: Cracking the Aging Code by Josh Mitteldorf, Dorion Sagan
Extending life is not just about clever biologists finding miracle cures.
Life extension has already been happening — clean drinking water, vaccines and antibiotics.
Most of us are now reaching old age in better health than did our parents and grandparents.

Genomics is opening new frontiers for precision medicine – IEEE Pulse – 3-Oct-2016
A decade after the Human Genome Project was declared complete the cost to sequence DNA has plummeted roughly a millionfold.
Even more improvements expected over the next five to ten years.
Genetic testing is becoming more common as part of some patient treatment plans.
Doctors practice precision oncology to obtain genome sequences of both the tumour and the individual.
Genomics has been applied to studying diseases spanning from depression to diabetes to high cholesterol.


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