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Youthful blood has all the hallmarks of a vampire-esque solution to aging – but there may be some science behind it too.

Tony Wyss-Coray at Stanford University who infused older mice with the blood of younger animals and found that their brains became more plastic and malleable which enabled them to learn and remember information like their younger donors.

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Pay-to-participate young-blood transfusion clinical trial – Stat News – 6-Mar-2018
Bill Faloon inviting people to join a pay-to-participate clinical trial.
Will test transfusions of young blood.
Potentially live longer and some chronic problems may disappear.
People considering enrolling may have to pay $285,000.

Could Filtering Our Aged Blood Keep us Young? – LEAF Science – 18-Jan-2018
Interview with Dr. Irina Conboy of Berkeley University.
Youthful TGF-β1 signaling in old mice can prompt muscle regeneration and better neurogenesis.
Loss of tissue repair with age due to negative influence of age-accumulated inhibitory proteins.
Research holds the potential to significantly postpone the onset of age-related diseases.
Working on the NextGen blood apheresis devices – could visit a clinic every few months.

Young Plasma Improves Cell Recycling in Old Rats – Fight Aging – 11-Dec-2017
Injections of blood plasma from young rats improved autophagy and liver function in old rats.
Autophagy normally declines with age.
Increasing the number of receptors on lysosomes in old rats can improve liver function.
Unknown if injections will increase life span in humans, but may increase healthspan.

Young blood does little to reverse Alzheimer’s in first test – Science Mag – 1-Nov-2017
16 people with mild or moderate Alzheimer’s disease received weekly injections of young plasma.
Patients did no better on cognitive tests administered by researchers.
Caregivers reported that their charges performed slightly better at daily tasks.
Startup company Alkahest is “encouraged” to run more trials.

Young blood reduces ageing biomarkers in humans – New Scientist – 31-May-17
Update on Ambrosia trial that gives blood plasma from under 25s to older people.
Recipients have shown improvements in biomarkers related to cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease.
Blood tests conducted before and a month after plasma treatment:
– levels of carcinoembryonic antigens fell by around 20 per cent
– 10 per cent fall in blood cholesterol levels
– 20 per cent fall in the level of amyloids
Improvements seen in one participant with early onset Alzheimer’s.
Paid trial and therefore no placebo group.

Cord blood rejuvenates old brains – New Scientist – 19-Apr-2017
Researchers inject mice with blood plasma from humans of different ages – babies, 22 and 66 years old.
Mice were the equivalent of around 50 years old.
Most dramatic effects seen with babies’ cord plasma.
Mice became faster learners and were better at remembering their way through a maze.
Umbilical cord plasma contains a protein called TIMP2 whose levels in blood decline with age.
TIMP2 inhibit a group of enzymes called matrix metalloproteinases.

Old blood can be made young again – New Scientist – 22-Mar-2017
Protein boosts blood stem cells, making them behave like those of younger people.
Source of red and white blood cells is “mother” stem cells in bone marrow – the number of which declines with age.
Old stem cells mixed with osteopontin, and a protein that activates it, began to produce white blood cells just as young stem cells do.
It should boost the immune system of elderly people.

First Fruits of Research with Young Blood Plasma – Josh Mitteldorf – 23-Jan-2017
Mix of proteins in your blood is characteristic of your age.
Might rejuvenation be achieved by adding and subtracting a small number of proteins in the blood?
Candidates to add:
– Oxytocin
– GDF11
Candidates for removal:
– VCAM-1 (linked to inflammation and lower nerve growth)
– pro-inflammatory signals NFkB and TGF-ß
– reproductive hormones LH and FSH.

Can We Reverse Aging With young blood? – Dan’s Plan – 20-Jan-2017
Interview with Drs. Michael and Irina Conboy of the Department of Bioengineering at UC Berkeley.
Their lab investigates the process of tissue repair throughout the body..
Certain attributes of old blood (e.g. inhibitory molecules) may be responsible for the notable declines in tissue repair associated with the aging process.
Audio and full transcript.

Forget blood transfusions, the fountain of youth could be closer to hand – LEAF – 18-Jan-2017
Attempts have been made to rejuvenate the body by transfusing old people with young blood.
Recent research suggests that the effectg is likely due to the dilution of pro-aging factors present in the old blood.
UC Berkeley are now working on a device that can filter out high levels of pro-aging signals – could be immediately therapeutic.
Hoping to start clinical trials in six months and have results in three years.
Stanford University have identified a protein that is causing some of the damage
Amount of a protein called VCAM1 in the blood increases with age.

Young ovaries rejuvenate older mice and extend their lifespan – New Scientist – 11-Oct-2016
Swapping an older mouse’s ovaries for young ones reversed the effects of ageing on the immune system and metabolism.
Naive T-cells increased 67 % compared to 80 % fall in untreated mice.
Transplanted mice live about 40 per cent longer and have healthier looking hearts.
Unclear what causes the improvement.
Mice experiment equivalent of transplanting 20-something ovaries into human female in her 50s.

Young blood antiaging trial raises questions – Science – 01-Aug-2016
Ambrosia ( young plasma trial is open to anyone 35 and older.
Participants charged $8000 for lab tests and a one-time treatment.
Each person will receive roughly 1.5 liters of plasma from a donor under age 25.
Their blood will be tested for more than 100 biomarkers that may vary with age, from hemoglobin level to inflammation markers.

Youthful bone marrow transplants increases lifespan in mice – Fight Aging! – 27-Oct-2015
Mice received bone marrow transplants from young donors every 3 months from age 6 months.
Saw increase in mean lifespan of 34%.
If the same worked in humans (with equivalent transplants every 9 years from age 18) that would length life expectancy by of 27 humans years.
Could use cryopreservation own stem cells, taken in a young age,  later autologous transplantation.

Young Blood Heals Fractures in Older Bones – Discover – 20-May-2015
In mice – but no reason to assume the same isn’t true in humans. Fractured bones healed faster and more effectively in old mice paired with younger mice.

Rejuvenating Old Brains with Young Blood – World Economic Forum (YouTube) – 24-Feb-15
Tony Wyss-Coray from Stanford University presents the results of tests in mice with video footage of old mice performing better in a standard maze test after receiving blood from younger mice. Benefits possibly come mainly from plasma.


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    My name is Howard Chipman MD. I am the Medical Director of Atlantis Clinic in Oldsmar (Tampa) Florida. We have started treatments with young plasma using similar treatment parameters as the Ambrosia trial. We are optimistic about the potential of this treatment and are accepting new patients. Any interested patients are asked to contact me at 813-476-2321 or email me at

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