Nootropics — also called smart drugs or cognitive enhancers — are drugs, supplements, or other substances that improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation, in healthy individuals. – from wikipedia.

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BrainExcell Announce New Natural Nootropic Stack – Daily Telescope – 31-Dec-2017
As a result of Ryan Maguires’ two year work he created natural cognitive enhancers FOCUS and SLEEP, two stacks that aim to boost neurotransmitter production and signalling, helping to improve your brain’s overall performance.
Natural nootropic stacks, free from ingredients that might cause unwanted side-effects.
Using these products together will help you transition seamlessly from intense productivity to profound recovery.

What The Heck Are Nootropics? Everything You Need To Know – The Chalkboard Mag – 9-Nov-2017
Answer: a controversial category of substances designed to enhance cognitive function.
Dave Asprey provides a personal guide to the top 10 smart drugs.
Includes modafinil, racetams, Adderall and LSD.
Also covers naturally occuring components such as L-theanine in green tea.
Others contain relatively normal supplements like CoQ10.

Meet Neurohacker Collective – Business Insider – 19-Oct-2017
Qualia mental enhancement supplement has been years in the making.
Combines over 40 mental nutrients- many of them rare and never before formulated.
Will look at other ways to improve the capacity of the human mind to think – e.g. educational content, virtual reality, quantified self applications.
Has assembled an army of consumer trial volunteers numbering in the thousands.

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