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Role of muscle strengthening protein in reducing life span


Key points from article :

Protein CaMKII has been shown to improve muscle strength and fitness through a chemical reaction known as oxidation.

Aging-related oxidative stress leads to excessive activation of CaMKII, leading to tissue damage.

A study of mice with oxidized CaMKII showed better physical performance, compared to genetically modified ones with oxidation-resistant CaMKII.

However, a biopsy of the muscle tissue showed an increased expression of pathways related to inflammation, diabetes, seizure, and obesity.

In a similar experiment, fruitflies were genetically modified by inserting an oxidation site into their CaMKII gene using CRISPR.

Despite having better physical performance, genetically modified flies died at a younger age- Dr. Wang, co-lead.

Treatments designed to specifically target gene regulators such as CaMKII may work better to combat age-related illnesses.

Study by Johns Hopkins School of Medicine published in Nature Communications.

Activation of CaMKII improved muscle fitness but increased the risk of ageing

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