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Longevity Technology interviews Frequency Tx' CSO about activating innate progenitor cells


Key points from article :

Frequency Therapeutics is developing small molecules that selectively activate progenitor cells.

The lining of the intestine recreates itself every five days - and it’ll do that for your entire life.

Progenitor cell in the intestine, Lgr5, also found as dormant versions in the cochlea (inner ear).

Loss of sensory hair cells in the cochlea accounts for 90 percent of all hearing loss cases. 

Birds and reptiles can turn on their progenitor cells to create a new set of hair cells.

Frequency’s approach leverages the tissue architecture already in the body.

FX-322 is designed to regenerate hair cells through the activation of progenitor cells already present in the cochlea.

Current in a Phase 2 trial with 142 patients.

Approach has potential in many other areas of the body.

Could be used to treat multiple sclerosis by remyelinating nerve cells.

Cells are already in the right place, just need the right kick to help repair the body when needed

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Chris Loose

Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Frequency Therapeutics

Frequency Therapeutics

Company developing drugs that treats degenerative diseases