AdventHealth partners with Helix for a 10,000-patient DNA sequencing trial


WholeMe is the first genomics project by AdventHealth (AH), to partner with Helix.
It is a clinical trial to sequence DNA of 10,000 Floridians.
Goal is to better prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases, like hypercholesterolemia.
Helix uses Next Generation Sequnecing (NGS) to sequence a proprietary assay called Exome+.
That provides 100 times more data than was previously available.
Helix will sequence each participant’s DNA sample once, then securely store information.
This enables user to explore many DNA-powered applications throughout their lifetime.
AH recruited any adult 18 or older, and located in the central Florida community.
They can withdraw consent any time and request anonymity and deletion of genetic data.
To include small subgroup of 750 people that already had experienced a cardiac event.
In attempt to determine if genetic testing and the counseling can improve their cases.
Currently, no scheduled end date yet, and at 67 percent of its recruitment goal.

A big study to look forward as it intends to improve disease prevention, diagnosis, and management

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Resource Steven Smith - Chief Scientific Officer, AdventHealth

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