Growing trend of "epigenetic wellness"


Modifications to genes that determine whether they are switched "on" or "off" are known as epigenetic changes.
Our genetic blueprint cannot be altered, but our epigenome can.
Epigenome can be used to holistically capture the complex state of our bodies at a given time.
Recently epigenetic markers have been identified by epigenome-wide association studies.
Chronomics Ltd has created the first DTC epigenetic test.
Test can measure DNA methylation at single base-pair resolution with very high throughput.
Biological age, measured using epigenetic data, is the most accurate biomarker of the ageing process.
Chronomics analyze 113 specific positions in the DNA that relate to metabolic state.
Chronomics analyze 117 specific positions in the DNA that relate to smoke exposure damage.

Epigenome can be modified by our lifestyle choices, such as our diet, regimen of exercising, etc
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