Biohacker who injected himself with CRISPR DNA is under investigation


Biohackers are people who experiment on their own bodies outside of traditional labs.
High-profile practitioners are making biohacking into an increasingly popular lifestyle.
Josiah Zayner runs a company called the Odin out of his garage in Oakland, California.
Zayner sells biohacking supplies ranging from $20 DNA to a $1,849 do-it-yourself genetic engineering kit.
Biohacker holds a PhD in biophysics and used to work on synthetic biology at NASA.
Zayner gave himself a faecal transplant in a hotel room, tried to genetically engineer his own skin colour.
In 2017, Josiah Zayner injected himself with DNA from the gene-editing technology CRISPR.
Zayner live streamed that experiment.
Biohacker in under investigation now, facing up to three years in jail and a $10,000 fine.

Josiah Zayner is accused of practising medicine without a license
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