Investigation into Liveyon-Genetech stem cell treatment problems


17 people hospitalised in US last year after umbilical cord blood injections.
Three of the 12 patients were hospitalised for a month or more.
Most cases linked to a single company: Liveyon of Yorba Linda, California.
It sells tiny vials of a solution it says is derived from umbilical cord blood.
Such products are not approved by federal regulators or supported by clinical research.
CDC report revealed a specific risk: bacterial infection.
Bacterial contamination probably “occurred before distribution” of vials to doctors.
An FDA inspection of Genetech’s facility found numerous sterility and safety lapses.
The only FDA-approved stem cell treatment is for blood disorders like leukemia.
Academic experts have identified at least 716 US stem cell clinics.

Nearly 1,000 clinics selling unregulated treatments in the US
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