Space Colonization

Maybe if we want to live forever and still have children then this is the only way.

Latest News

Mars crews could be at risk from onboard microbes – The Guardian – 4-Oct-2017
Mars500 project simulated a 17 month mission to Mars in a 180sq metre capsule.
Parts of the capsule were rife with microbial life.
Microbial diversity fell over time – could become a problem if only pathogens left.
Space environment could leave humans more susceptible to infection.

Asteroid mining could support space colonies – CBC – 22-Sep-2017
A team of researchers are planning to send robotic spacecraft into outer space, land near asteroids hurtling through the abyss and mine them for water, metals and other elements that will make colonizing space that much easier.

City could be built on on Mars by 2062 – Independent – 22-Jun-17
Elon Musk says a city of a million people could be established on Mars within decades.
Humans would face a “doomsday event” unless we become a “truly multi-planetary species”.
Envisaged creating a Mars Colonial Fleet of 1,000 craft.
If we could warm Mars up, we would once again have a thick atmosphere and liquid oceans.
“It has got to be really fun and exciting… you can do zero-gravity games”
COMMENT: unless everyone is dedicated we’ll need a new drug to address rapid muscle loss in low gravity

Longevity will lead to Overpopulation – IEET – 4-Jul-2015
Article by Live Forever Club’s Adrian Cull considers 2 main strategies:
1. prevent the increase in population or
2. find somewhere for the ever growing mass of people to live.
For the 2nd option it was surprising to find that if the world spent 2% of GDP (similar to current defence spending) on space launches we could remove the 75 million people currently being born every year.

The human universe: Could we colonise the stars? – New Scientist (subscription) – 4-May-15
Three main hurdles: 1. nowhere in our solar system offers a suitable  environment, 2. will need significant propulsion power, and 3. interstellar dust likely to damage crafts travelling to other suns.

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