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Luxury apocalypse-safe bunkers – Independent – 10-Jul-2017
Able to withstand everything from extreme weather like tornadoes, to a full blown nuclear attack.
Luxury apartments were originally missile silos.
Survival Condo selling them for $1.5m to $4m.
COMMENT: one day I hope to offer the same for the not-so-rich, but maybe without the cinema and kids waterslide!

Prepping for the collapse of society – BuzzFeed – 12-Feb-2016
Lisa Bedford – the “Survival Mom” – knows how to harvest as much drinkable water as possible from the pipes before the pressure’s gone.
A massive solar storm, earthquake or just a breaksdown in society wouldn’t be the end of the world – but it might be a good idea to be ready for it.
Feeling of invincibility since the end of the second world war is evaporating after 9/11, natural disasters and the near-collapse of the global economy.
Most preppers don’t have massive stockpiles of guns, dress in camo, or live off the grid.