Natural Disasters

Beating nature at biology doesn’t mean you’ll still be able to live forever if a the ground opens up, buildings collapse on top of you, you’re buried under hot ash or you’re swept away by a wall of water. Will we one day be able to prevent natural disasters, who knows? Maybe increased earth monitoring we’ll be able predict when its coming and get out of the way, or we’ll even have personal survival suits like those developed for off-piste skiers – super advanced ones that throw an unbreakable shell around you when disaster strikes… but those are a long way off.

For now, we’ll just keep track of some of the major natural disasters that hit our planet as a reminder that health and physical improvements are only part of the picture – if you’re living forever eventually nature is going to strike you.


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Natural disasters – BBC Earth
Information on avalanches, earthquakes, floods, forest fires, hurricanes, landslides, supervolcanoes, tornadoes, tsunamis and volcanoes.

How Nepal’s earthquake was mapped in 48 hours – Wired – 28-Apr-15
Over two thousand digital volunteers examine 14,700 km2 of satellite imagery to identify over 3,000 damaged buildings.

Counting the Economic Cost of Natural Disasters – Bloomberg – 27-Apr-15
U.S. Geological Survey estimates Nepal economic losses at 35% of GDP.

Yellowstone supervolcano just got bigger – Science – 23-Apr-15
New lower-crustal magma magma reservoir discovered with 4-5 times the size of know upper chamber.

Natural disasters displaced more people than war in 2013 – The Guardian – 17-Sep-14
Norwegian Refugee Council study claims 22 million people driven out of their homes by floods, hurricanes and other hazards



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