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Robotic Surgery

Robotic treatment option for vascular disease – LOCAL 12 (YouTube) – 25-Feb-2015
Magellan vascular robotic treatment system allows high risk patients to receive Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm surgery. Helps surgeon to navigate to the appropriate artery to deliver therapy through coils to depressurize aneurysm.

Robot performs first operation – Press Association (YouTube) – 29-Jan-15
Da Vinci XI  carries out its first operation in England – complex removal of bowel tumour.
Surgeons able to see blood vessels that aren’t visibile to naked eye.

Robotic Spine and Brain Surgery – Technion (YouTube) – 15-Sep-15
10% of manual operations have misplaced screws with 4% resulting in permanent nerve damage. Robotic guidance has reduced that to zero in thousands of cases using Mazor Renaissance Technion.

Surgical Assist Robots – Tokyo Tech – 21-Apr-2015
Pneumatic actuators provide contact force feedback to the operator to 0.2 Newton detection accuracy. Precision to 0.1mm.

da Vinci Robot Stitches a Grape Back Together  – da Vinci Surgery (YouTube) – 9-Sep-2014
Demonstration of minimally invasive surgery – inside a bottle. Won’t be along before the surgeon just marks the stitch line on a monitor and the robot will take over.

LBR Med – Medical Assistant – KUKA Laboratories (YouTube) – 11-Jul-2014
Human-Robot-Collaboration: Virtual walls guide the surgeon to the planned bone cut position.
Patient movement is detected by the camera and compensated for by the robot.

The Future of Medicine: Surgical Robots – Public Domain TV (YouTube) – 28-Aug-2014
Coupling the capabilities of machines with the judgement of humans the daVinci surgical system allows surgeon to perform complex procedure resulting in 3 small scars instead of a major incision.

Robot Surgeons are the Future of Medicine – FW: Thinking (YouTube) – 2-April-2014
From the iKnife, through robotic assisted surgery and telesurgery finally eradicating the human surgeon entirely.


Surgical smart knife identifies brain tumours –  BBC News – 25-May-2015
iKnife helps neurosurgeons to identify cancerous brain tumours in real time.


ETH Zurich develop magnetically controlled nanoswimmer – KurzweilAI – 17-Jun-15
Polypyrrole (Ppy) nanowire able to move through biological fluid environment. Includes video.

Nanorobots in the Body: The Future of Medicine – MEDICATradeFair (YouTube) – 20-Mar-2015
Researchers at Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Stuttgart, Germany, have developed two types of microswimmers:
1. microscallop
– 300 micron wide x 600 micron long
– open and close at different speeds (shear thickening) to move in non-Newtonian body fluids
2. nano propeller
– 100 nanometres wide x 400 nm long
– helical structure moves forward when rotating magnetic field applied

Bacteriobot cancer-treating nanorobot – Reuters – 5-Jan-2014
Bacteriobot uses genetically modified salmonella bacteria’s brain and flagella to target cancer tumours with microscopic capsules filled with drugs.
STATUS: tested on mouse tumours

Could DNA nanorobots cure cancer – Amrit Singh (YouTube) – 10-Jan-2015
Interviews and animations of DNA origami – self assembled into open ended barrel shape with payload area and latch. Target cells express keys to open the nanorobot so hardly any healthy cells damaged.
Successfully tested their method in cell cultures and animals

MagnetoSperm – APL Video – University of Twente (YouTube) – 3-Jun-2014
322 um long microbot that navigates using weak magnetic fields.



IBM Watson Health and the Future of Healthcare – IBM Watson (YouTube) – 13-Apr-15
Data explosion to fuel next generation of healthcare. Watson to provide analytics to clinicians – “disease’s worst enemy!”

DMI rHEALTH sensor – XPRIZE (YouTube) – 15-Oct-14
Hundreds of different clinical lab tests in a single drop of blood using nano-strips

AtomoRapid – Atomo Diagnostics (YouTube) – 4-Jun-13
The AtomoRapid all-in-one blood test can accommodate test strips for a wide variety of conditions from celiac disease and allergy through to infectious diseases such as malaria and HIV.

Digital Modeling

Digital (virtual) 3D model of heart released – Today’s Medical Development’s (TMD) – 03-Jun-2015
Virtual reality examination inside massive heart projection!


Robotic arm rehabilitation device – University of Idaho (YouTube) – 22-Apr-2015
Aid the movement and range of motion in stroke victims.


Dental crowns while you wait – Voice of America – 11-Dec-14
Standard procedure for a tooth crown usually requires several visits to the dentist – to make a mould, fit a temporary crown, then after a dental technician has prepared a replacement one another visit to fit it. New technology allows dentist to scan scan the tooth and surrounding area with video camera, then the computer designs the new crown and sends the instructions to an automated milling machine. This can all be done in 2 hours with only 12 minutes actually in the dentist’s chair.

Laboratory Automation

Siemens laboratory automation solutions – Siemens – 5-Mar-15
Handles nearly 2,000 tubes per hour at peak times at NHS Tayside Ninewells Hospital, Dundee

Next Generation Sequencing Sample Preparation Made Easy – Agilent 2-Mar-12
Automated solution for high throughput NGS sample preparation

Hospital Automation

Zippy the telepresence robot doctor – CW33 – 26-Jan-2015
Children’s Medical Center, Dallas, uses iPad controlled Zippy to reduce time to see specialists. Even has a built in stethoscope.

Doctors, nurses…and robots – CNET – 16-Jan-2015
25 delivery robots rolled out at UCSF hospital to free up staff to provide more caring.
Includes fingerprint biometrics to make sure only correct staff get access to pharmaceuticals.

Ultraviolet light zaps superbugs at UPMC hospitals – University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (YouTube) – 9-Jul-2014
Mobile disinfectant robot called Violet enhances room cleaning after manual germicidal clean. Three times 5 minutes cycles per room.


Self Monitoring

Scanaflo Home Urine Testing – TechCrunch – 18-Feb-15
Doesn’t do anything more than a normal urine test stick but with the built in colour calibration means the smart phone app can read the results far more accurately than you could normally do at home. Plus it logs results to the app automatically so you don’t have to copy the results to a spreadsheet or other monitoring tool.

Holding my breath whilst monitoring SpO2 with an Oximeter – M0UKD (YouTube) – 19-Jul-2011
Demonstration that oximeter really works – gets down to 83%

Synthetic Biology

3-D Animation Library – Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
A fascination collection of animations of DNA packaging and replication.


Lung-on-a-chip – Harvard Wyss Institute – 29-Jan-2013
Mechanical and biochemical behaviors of a human lung including separated air and blood channels. Video shows white blood cells migrating to air channel to fight infections. Some effects only happen when chip simulates expansion/contraction of breathing.


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