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Some interesting videos covering all aspects of living forever – health, augmentation, life extension and survival.

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How to Live Forever

How Long Will You Live? – Veritasium – 25-Nov-2015
Cell biology gives clues to why we age and lobsters don’t.

10 Technologies That Could Make Humans Immortal – Alltime10s (YouTube) – 13-Dec-14
Great video – including 3D printing replacement organs, infusions of young blood created from stem cells and nanobots that repair cells.


Medical Technology

Medical Technology Videos – including robotic Surgery, diagnostics, laboratory automation and self monitoring.




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Google Unveils Contact Lens For Diabetics – Sky News – 17-Jan-2014
Remote monitoring of glucose levels in tears using minuscule glucose sensor and wireless transmitter.


Life Extension

Fountains of Youth

Rejuvenating Old Brains with Young Blood – World Economic Forum (YouTube) – 24-Feb-15
Tony Wyss-Coray from Stanford University presents the results of tests in mice with video footage of old mice performing better in a standard maze test after receiving blood from younger mice. Benefits possibly come mainly from plasma.







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