Who wants to live forever?

I’m was surprised again at the weekend by the reaction to my belief that we’ll soon be able to live forever and that even middle-agers have a reasonable chance of it happening in their lifetime. Its wasn’t a reaction of disbelief or religious objection, but of “who would want to?”

I had always assumed everyone would want to live forever given the opportunity but in a totally unscientific poll of friends I’d say its 50/50. And we’re all middle class, doing OK in life, type people who are generally enjoying being on the planet – rather than underprivileged and worn down who you could understand not really being keen on life as-is ad infinitum.

Perhaps because my sample group are middle aged and starting to ache on a daily basis that they’re thinking who would want to live forever in an old and decrepit way, and if I opened their eyes to the possibilities of rejuvenation and could offer them whichever physical body they desire to enjoy their immortality in then more people may be interested. Not that I’ll be campaigning to make everyone live forever if they don’t want to – where we’re all going to live is the biggest risk to society’s survival, but that’s a topic for another day.



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