Technological Singularity

The singularity is defined by Ray Kurzweil as the time when technology is advancing so fast that humankind can no longer keep track of it. That is to say, the birth of a super-intelligent artificial intelligence.

It is considered an unavoidable consequence of the exponential growth in technology which by 2029 will see $1,000 of computing power being a thousand times more powerful than the human brain in the near future.


Latest News

The singularity is not near – Salon – 13-May-2018
Excerpt from “Live Work Work Work Die” by Corey Pein.
If technology is the state religion, singularitarianism is the fanatical sect.
Kurzweil has delivered an absurdly optimisit form of business friendly millenarianism.
COMMENT: its always good to review arguments against what you believe

Super Artificial Intelligence With IQ of 10,000 in 30 Years – Futurism – 27-Oct-2017
SoftBank has invested $100 billion to build chips capable of such IQ levels.
Average university graduate has an IQ of 120, an absolute genius 200.
Recent investments include partnerships with IBM Watson, Fetch Robotics, and Honda.
No longer a debate whether the singularity will happen this century.

Why Quantum Computers Will Be Exponentially Faster – Singularity Hub – 18-Sep-2017
VIDEO explains how quantum computers work.
Qubits can be both 1 and 0 simultaneously
30 qubits can perform 1 billion simultaneous calculations.
Software required is very different than what’s used by traditional computers.

3 Reasons To Believe The Singularity Is Near – Forbes – 3-Jun-2016
Ray Kurzweil published The Singularity Is Near in 2006 – as technology accelerates at an exponential rate, progress would eventually become virtually instantaneous — a singularity.
Predicted that computers would merge with other technologies, namely genomics, nanotechnology and robotics.
Reason #1: We’re Going Beyond Moore’s Law
– shrinking transistors is getting harder but the next technologies are on their way
Reason #2: Robots Are Doing Human Jobs
– new robots can work safely around humans and can learn new tasks in minutes
Reason #3: We’re Editing Genes
– new tools allow cheap and easy gene editing opening up avenues to render viruses inactive and create disease resistant crops
Technologies that are hundreds of times more powerful than what we have today will open up completely new possibilities as well as dangers.

We’ll Live Forever and we’ll Become Cyborgs – IEET – 10-May-2016
Translation of recent interview of David Orban by Italian Magazine Panorama.
Cybord David has a chip implant allows him to make payments, pick up cars and go through subway turnstiles.
Human parabola will be rewritten: “you are born, you no longer work, and you live forever.”
We’ll be able to transfer our “self” to a memory, and go on living in a new bionic body.
The very concept of humanity will have to be re-thought out.
Exponential acceleration has begun. And it can’t be stopped.
David Orban is former Chairman of Humanity+, and is currently an advisor to Singularity and also Founder and Trustee of Network Society Research, a London-based think tank.

The Dawn of the Singularity (Infographic) – Futurism – 5-Oct-2015
A glimpse into the future with Ray Kurzweil. He has an 86% hit rate to pay attention!
By 2029 $1,000 will buy a computer 1000x more powerful than a human brain. Try to imagine what that means for science, technology and humankind.