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Best fitness trackers and health gadgets for 2018 – Gadgets And Wearables – 29-Apr-18
Best overall fitness tracker = Fitbit Charge 2
Categories include best for style, running, outdoors and budget.
Other devies covered:
– smart scales
– blood pressure monitors
– sleep tracking

US government gives away 10,000 Fitbits for precision medicine study – Tech Radar -7-Nov-2017
All of Us program was originally called the Precision Medicine Initiative.
Will collect biometric data to learn how individual activity affects health.
Data collection is being handled by the The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI).
Devices track a combination of physical activity, sleep and heart rate parameters.
Chosen for ease of use, including battery life and smartphone compatibility.

Fitness trackers poor at measuring calories burned – BBC News – 25-May-17
Accuracy of seven wrist devices were tested while walking, running and cycling.
Most devices measured heart rate with an error rate under 5%.
But none estimated energy use with error level less than 20%.
Working out calories burnt relies on many different factors such as height, weight, percentage of body fat and heart rate.

Alphabet’s Verily offers Study Watch health monitoring wearable – TechCrunch – 14-Apr-2017
Designed with long-term medical research in mind.
Will be used for Baseline –  a study to track the long-term vitals of 175 individuals.
Contains multiple physiological and environmental sensors.
Designed to measure electrocardiogram (ECG), heart rate, electrodermal activity, inertial movements and more.

Adidas releases beta version of All Day, an app to track all aspects of wellness – MobiHealthNews – 28-Mar-2017
Offers customizable workouts, meal plans, mindfulness exercises and sleep tracking.
Pairs with Apple Health Kit and Google Fit to handle all that data.
Apps to support exercise or diet don’t need to be narrow in their focus.

Study tests accuracy of heart rate wearables – iMedicalApps – 13-Oct-2016
Researchers from the Cleveland Clinic tested Apple Watch, Fitbit Charge, Mio Alpha, and Basis Peak.
Wearables and fitness trackers don’t generally fall under regulatory oversight.
Subjects wore devices on a treadmill and compared results to an EKG.
Apple Watch and Mio Fuse had the most accurate heart rate tracking.
Most variability and largest errors in heart rate clustered in the mid-range of heart rates.
Small study of 50 healthy patients.

Me And My Quantified-Self – ELLE – 23-Sep-2016
Commissioning Editor at ELLE reviews her experience with FitBit Charge 2.
At times I feel utterly ruled by the flashing digits and the regular wrist vibrations.
It can differentiate between running, cycling, training and everyday activity.
It tells me when I’ve been sitting down for too long with vibrations.
Wearing a tracker has made me choose stairs over lifts and walk up escalators.
My tracker spurs me on and is a fun addition to my routine.

Fitness trackers don’t promote weight loss – BBC – 20-Sep-2016
Activity trackers that count steps did not improve the chances of losing weight in 2 year study.
500 overweight volunteers who were asked to diet and take more exercise.
The half with a fitness tracker had lost 2kg less weight by the end of the trial.
Drop off in the usage data as the study went on.
Certain people may be more likely than others to benefit from using the technology.

Fitbit saved my life – Visiter – 10-Jan-2016
Student received Fitbit for Christmas.
Showed her heartbeat nearly triple from 84bmp to 210bmp so rang NHS Direct.
Rushed to hospital where Tests revealed she had an undetected heart problem.
Could have suffered heart attack and died.