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Overcoming resistant hypertension – Harvard Health Publishing – Nov-2017
Two thirds of older men suffer from hypertension.
Some men do not respond to common drug treatments the therapy.
If lifestyle changes also haven’t helped, may be due to underlying cause.
Other cuases include kidney disease, Cushing’s disease, pheochromocytoma and sleep apnea.

Most home wrist blood pressure monitor readings incorrect – MobiHealthNews – 7-Sep-2016
Blood pressure measured at home and in the doctor’s office with both a wrist monitor and upper arm device.
Many patients were resting the wrist device below heart level which gives falsely high numbers.
Over half had reading more than 10 mm/hg out.
Study in Hypertension Journal of 720 patients.

Different blood pressure in right and left arms could signal trouble – Harvard Health – 12-Jul-2016
A significant difference in the pressure recorded in the right and left arms can signal circulatory problems.
Difference in blood pressure readings of a few points is quite normal.
10 to 15 points or more increases the chances of having a stroke or dying from cardiovascular disease.
Over 15 points difference and you’re twice as likely to have peripheral artery disease—essentially.

Top blood pressure app was highly inaccurate – iMedicalApps – 2-Mar-2016
Instant Blood Pressure spent months as a top 5 app.
Claimed to measure blood pressure by users put their finger over the phone camera.
Study participants with low or high blood pressure given falsely normal values.