Mind Upload

Do we need to become biologically immortal? Or could we one day upload our minds to the cloud and live forever in a virtual world?

AKA digital cryonics


Brain Preservation Foundation – http://www.brainpreservation.org/
Promotes scientific research and services development in the field of whole brain preservation for long-term static storage.

Terasem Movement – http://www.terasemcentral.org/
Focuses on preserving, evoking, reviving and downloading human consciousness.

Latest News

Scheme for mind-uploading centuries in the future – Kurzweil AI – 14-Mar-2018
Brain’s connectome contains 150 trillion microscopic synaptic connections.
Data could possibly be used, centuries later, to reconstruct a whole-brain emulation.
Startup company Nectome that has won a large NIH grant for whole-brain nanoscale preservation and imaging.
Unlike cryonics intent is to preserve the information content of the brain.
Brain’s vascular system perfuse with the toxic fixative glutaraldehyde, then frozen.
Nectome has a $10,000 (refundable) wait list.

How close are we to a Black Mirror-style digital afterlife? – The Guardian – 9-Jan-2018
Eugenia Kuyda memorialised her dead boyfriend as a chatbot.
She asked his friends and family to share his old text messages and fed them into a neural network built by developers at her artificial intelligence startup, Replika.
Kuyda discovered that talking to the chatbot allowed her to be more open and honest.
Even with the best in today’s artificial intelligence and robotics techniques, we lack the technical capabilities to make a sophisticated robot.

Startup that wants to make a digital copy of every person in the world – BGR – 30-Dec-2017
Oben’s technology provides everyone with a 3D avatar that looks and sounds like them.
All ObEN needs to do that is a selfie of you and a voice recording.
An AI-driven virtual copy can be used in day-to-day applications.
Starting with AI Stars that delivers new products and services that merge technology and celebrity intellectual property.
Avatars, in a sense, also enable the person they’re copying to live forever.

Can an uploaded brain live forever? – TechRadar – 24-Sep-2016
Today’s supercomputers are nowhere near the complexity and power of the brain.
But lots of teams are working on it
2045 Initiative – spearheaded by Russian entrepreneur Dmitry Itskov.
Brain Preservation Foundation (BPF) – mission covers everything from brain-friendly diets to advancing cryogenic brain storage.
Blue Brain Project – run from EPFL it’s starting with rodents before moving on to humans.
Also need to pin down the mystery of consciousness.
Technology will gradually augment our biological forms and then eventually phase them out.

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