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Most of the blog posts and site content is written by Adrian Cull.

Interested in writing for the club? I’m happy to talk to anyone with ideas for blog posts or special sections – please email me on adrian @ liveforever . club

Adrian Cull

A geek from a young age I wrote my first “hello world” program on a TRS-80 and went on to program for the Ministry of Defence while at university. After a decade designing computer networks I returned to software setting up a development company with a friend that we grew to a team of 40.

Adrian Cull

I’ve always enjoyed keeping fit; and having turned middle-aged (and no matter how many people tell me it doesn’t start until you’re 50 any more I know otherwise!) I’ve realised the health benefits of this are more important than the taking part.

Then a few years ago I read Ray Kurzweil’s “The Singularity is Near” and looking through the many charts proving the past exponential growth in technology, and what that means for the first half of this century, I was converted. There’s no reason why we can’t live forever, we just need to figure out how to improve our bodies that never evolved to last as long as they already do.

Adrian is an Advisory Board member of the Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies.


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