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Biohacking – you can do it, too – TEDGlobal 2010
Ellen Jorgensen opened Genspace, a nonprofit DIY bio lab in Brooklyn devoted to citizen science.

Latest News

Biohacking humans is not wise – IEET – 26-Oct-2017
Interviewed by Buzzfeed for review of “The Odin” – but warnings ignored.
Long history of scientists and physicians experimenting on themselves.
Biohacking humans could be quite dangerous – especially unqualified people.
Humans are 3000 times more sensitive to endotoxin than a mouse.

Biohacker Attempts To Edit His DNA With CRISPR – Buzzfeed – 14-Oct-2017
Josiah Zayner started self-experimenting with CRISPR in his garage.
Believes CRISPR should be available for people to do as they wish.
Is CEO of startup The Odin that sells human DNA.
First kit was a molecule that disables a gene that inhibits muscle growth.

Nootrobox is now HVMN – TechCrunch – 27-Jun-2017
Will sell biohacking products beyond nootropics.
Nootrobox launched in 2014 and has just rebranded as HVMN (pronounced “human”).
Supplements are meant to help the brain become more productive.
“This is the next natural trend and everyone is going to be a biohacker.”

The Future Business of Body Shops – IEET – 15-Nov-2015
Excellent discussion on how cybernetics, 3D printing and the biohacking movement will change the way we enhance people – in fast food style body shops.
Initially driven by prosthetic for disabilities, their advantage will mean the conversation is no longer about overcoming deficiency but about augmentation.
Includes current companies:
Dangerous Things – implantable radio frequency identification (RFID) and near field communication (NFC) tags.
Grindhouse Wetware – magnetic finger-tip implants.

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